Basel III Accord
Κατηγορία: Οικονομικά

Getting prepared for future regulation - what it means for you and your bank

This intensive, practice-driven and interactive seminar introduces, discusses and analyzes the implications the macro-prudential regulatory regime has on the future of banking, risk management, and risk manager. At the same time Basel III seeks to address the effects of the systemic risks that globally interconnected financial institutes propagate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the role of Basel III and the global bank regulatory framework
  • Define how changes in credit, market, and other types of risk capital fit in the new regulatory environment
  • Understand the impact liquidity has on risk management practices
  • Explore the challenges macro-prudential regulatory requirements have on regulators and banks


  • Lessons learned during the banking crisis
  • The evolution of Basel III
  • Securitization, CDOs, and the roleof the rating agencies
  • Changes to credit risk capital
  • Changes to market risk capital
  • Changes to the operational risk
  • Exercises and case studies